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Bay-Friendly Student Action Project

5th and 6th Grade Sheet Mulching Action Project

Pesticides are the number one pollutant in our urban waterways.  Students can make a real difference protecting our creeks, the bay and watersheds by promoting less toxic pesticides and  building  gardens and landscapes by using healthy practices like composting  and  sheet mulching. 

Sheet mulching is a layered mulch system that can be used to suppress weeds, build healthy soil and replace lawns.  Through scientific investigations, students apply their science knowledge, to create a healthy landscape model for their school through sheet mulching. 

In this project, students also take action by:

  • sheet mulching a designated area at their school
  • conducting research and collecting data
  • applying what they have learned by doing educational outreach at home, at school, and their community to protect the Earth’s resources and environment


Click here to register your class for a 4Rs Student Action Project. You may also contact Angelina Vergara, Program Manager to register  at or (510) 891-6520. Although project is open to 5th grade classes, 6th grade classes are prioritized. 


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